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By: Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng

The town of Maragondon is known as the bamboo capital of Cavite (through OTOP or One Town, One Product during the term of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) where bamboo products are produced and distributed in various places in the country.

Bamboo is one of the most popular raw materials for furniture and decorations.
Bambusa blumeana, also known as the Spiny Bamboo or Thorny Bamboo, is a species of bamboo occurring abundantly in the town of Maragondon

 Bambusa blumeana, also known as the Spiny Bamboo or Thorny Bamboo
(Kawayang Tinik)

It is known locally in the Philippines as Kawayang Tinik. It thrives from hills, mountains, upland barangays and near the streams and rivers.

The Bamboos from Maragondon are used mostly for bamboo poles for the construction of Tahong and Talaba farms and being distributed at the coastal towns of Cavite Province such as Bacoor, Kawit, Noveleta and Cavite City. It is also transported from other towns of Cavite Province when the portable “Bahay Kubo” or Nipa Hut was introduced.

Bamboo poles in Tahong Farms (Photo from Internet)

 Nipa Hut (Bahay Kubo)

The bamboos are carried manually or through the use of a Water Buffalo (Carabao)and are also transported through a Trailer and an Owner-Type Jeep with Dual Manual Transmission.

The locals also sell their bamboo products by making Sticks to be used for Pinoy Street Food products such as Fishball, Kikiam, Bananacue, Camotecue, and Barbeques such as Isaw, Helmet, etc. where most of them earn for a living

Bamboo sticks are dried up to be used as barbeque sticks, and other Pinoy Street foods

Banana Cue and Camote Cue (Photo from Internet)

Fishballs, Kikiam, etc. (Photo from Internet)

Isaw, etc. (Photo from Internet)

“Kawayang Maragondon” is actually a program launched by the municipal government to strengthen their major product. This also contributes to the tourism of Maragondon as it draws people to the town to buy bamboo products they need for their house or for business.

 Bamboo Canister/Pen Holder

Bamboo Cellphone Holder


Video by Ms. Harlene Delgado

Presently, the local government of Maragondon is striving hard to be recognized as a bamboo manufacturer with products that are of high quality which can compete in the local and world market.

Please see - Bagong Maragondon Facebook:

From just being an ordinary stick and ipit sa damit traded in Divisoria, it also previously exhibited in SM Megamall, SM Dasmarinas, Walk-In-Trade (Bacoor), Corregidor Inn and in WOW Philippines clamshell in Intramuros (during PGMA’s term) showcasing products that ranges from cellphone holders, trays, picture frames, pencil holders, lampshades and other novelty items to a complete sofa set.

These products became favourite corporate giveaways during Christmas season and other special occasions. Balikbayans and foreign visitors find these good pasalubong items for their friends and families abroad.



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(Confraternity of the Holy Child Jesus of Ternate)

January 24, 2016

3rd Sunday of January

Celebrating the feast of Santo Nino by a Mass in his honor. Every year, a child (boy) acts as the Hermano Mayor. A Mass for the families of the Hermano Mayor was held in the morning and in the dusk before the procession. The Hermano Mayor is usually dressed in formal wear to the Mass in the morning and dress like the image of the Santo Nino clothing image of the Mass and procession at dusk. After the procession, the transfer of Bara Alta was held to the next Hermano Mayor led by the parish priest.

Hermanidad is a Spanish word which means Brotherhood. The feast of the Holy Child Jesus as celebrated by the people of Ternate, Cavite and devotees was led by a Hermano, an individual chosen to lead the festivities. For the said event, the Hermano would be a Boy. It will start with a Holy Mass and then followed by a Procession of the Santo Niños and the patron saint Santo Niño de Ternate. Hermanidad is a regular practice among many church organizations and the Hermanidad dedicated to the Santo Niño conducts annually on every third Sunday of January (The feast of the Santo Niño/Holy Child) for Catholics and for the Aglipayans, a week after.



Hermanidad de Santo Nino de Ternate (Catholic) 2016


Hermanidad de Santo Nino de Ternate (Aglipayan) 2016