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My Alma Mater
Bucal 2 Elementary School
Bucal 2, Maragondon 4112, Cavite Province

Rewritten by:

Dindo F. Mojica, C.E., M.Eng
Alumni Batch 1994 (S.Y. 1993-1994)

The School Logo

Photo courtesy of my batchmate, 
Mrs. Liezl Anin-del Rosario, Bucal 2 Elementary School Teacher

Photo courtesy of my classmate, 
Mrs. Noimie Dimaala-Borja
(Silk-Screen Design)

Google Map of Bucal 2 Elementary School

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History of Bucal 2 Elementary School

BUCAL II ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is situated in a 4563 sq. m. lot in Barangay Bucal 2, Maragondon,Cavite.  According to the people of barangay, the school was established in 1936.   It started with just one classroom for Grade I located at the house of a certain Anglo family in barangay Bucal 2.  The enrolment increased every year until it catered up to four classes, from Grades I - IV located in different houses namely Sisayan Family, Castronuevo Family and Gutierrez Family in Barangay Bucal 3.  

      In the year, 1952 after the World War II, the school became a complete elementary catering pupils from Grades I to VI. It was in 1994 when Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Maragondon Branch extended their community project in Bucal II Elementary School through the organization of Preparatory class with Ms. Janet Benesen and the then Ms. Marietta C. Piedad who is now the current principal of the school.  From then on up to present Preparatory classes is on-going catering pupils aged 5 yrs. old coming from the barangay and other nearby barangays.   At first, parents paid certain amount for the honorarium of the teachers but since SY 2008 - 2009, the honorarium of the teacher is subsidized by the Department of Education (DepEd) up to present to support the institutionalization of pre-school classes throughout the country. 

      Through the initiative and untiring efforts of the different school heads, teachers and utility worker with the help and support of the Parent-Teacher-Children Association (PTCA), barrio folks and other civic minded people, various improvement were made making the school facilities, grounds and premises clean and attractive as well as conducive for learning.  

The following school heads of the school are the following:

Mr. Crisologo Malimban
Miss Erlinda R. Arca
Mrs. Eusebia Aguinot
Miss Victoria Novelo (TIC)
Mrs. Petra B. Gerella (she was our principal during our Grade 1-Grade 3)
Mrs. Celia R. Esteron (she was our principal during our Grade 4-Grade 6)
Mr. Victorino B. Moises
Ms. Beverly D. Morada (TIC)
Mrs. Marietta P. Eseque 
Mrs. Flordeliza F. Cuevas
Mrs. Zenaida A. Eseque  Present

At present the school is manned by a Principal I with 13 National Funded teachers, 1 Prep Teacher and 1 Utility Worker.  There are 7 buildings with 12 academic classrooms with toilet, and 8 ancillary rooms for library, guidance, Science Room, H.E. Room, Preparatory, clinic, industrial shop and principal’s office. 

History of Bucal 2 Elementary School was obtained courtesy of my friend and batchmate in Bucal National High School, Mrs. Liezl Anin-del Rosario, a school teacher at Bucal 2 Elementary school.

To know more about the history of the development of Elementary education in the country, you may visit the Department of Education (DepEd) website: 


Location of School (along National Road)

(Photos as of June 2012)

Going to Barangays Bucal 3, 4, & Tulay (Going to the East)

Going to Barangay Bucal 1 and Maragondon Town Proper
(Going to the West)

Pictures of School Buildings and Landmarks During My Visit Last June 2012 for my research in Technical Report/Manuscript of Assessment of Infrastructure in Maragondon as a requirement for my completion in Master of Engineering 

Outside the School Premises

(Photos as of June 2012)

Main Gate (with Waiting Shed)

Secondary Gate 
(alongside Bucal 2 Barangay Hall where vehicles can enter)

The Perimeter Fence 

The Perimeter Fence

Me at the Main Gate

Inside the School Premises

Note: Most school buildings in Bucal 2 Elementary School were constructed during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. It is also called BLISS type school buildings.

From Secondary Gate to Barangay Hall

The Wall Mural

former Mini-Garden, now Mango Plantation

Welcome to Bucal 2 Elementary School

Our playing field

Home Economics Building

The School Canteen

The Principal's Office

The Library
BLISS (Bagong Lipunan Improvement of Sites and Services)
A school building during the Marcos Administration

The Renovated Flag Pole

The Narra Tree where we played "Prisoner" almost two decades ago

The Slide

Our Base in "Prisoner" Game, near the Canteen area

The Garden House

Plot Garden (finished harvesting)

A new 1-storey 4 Classroom Building (near Plot Garden)

The School Ground Complex

Our typical classroom

The corridor

At Main Gate


The stage was built on joint efforts by the Parents Teachers Association, former alumni of the school and donations of unnamed good citizens.

The Stage's Marker

Stage, On-Going Construction
Front View of Stage, as of June 2012

Rear View of Stage, as of June 2012

Completed Construction of Stage (March 2013)
Front View

Right Side View

Left Side View

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