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By: Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng

Written: May 31, 2013

Gat Andres Bonifacio Trial House and Historical Landmark

Colonel Crisostomo Riel St., Poblacion 1-A, Maragondon, Cavite 4112
(Along Maragondon-Magallanes-Amuyong National Road)

Under the care and management of the National Historical Institute (now National Historical Commission of the Philippines), the house belongs to Mr. Jose Angeles. A typical bahay na bato (stone-house) structure which was built in 1889, it was formerly known as the Roderico Reyes House, which was the name of the former owner.

The trial house served as a venue for the trial of the brothers Andres and Procopio Bonifacio in 1897. They were judged  with the felony treason. It was fixed, improved and fully restored in 1999 under President Joseph Ejercito Estrada Administration and during his term, it was also declared as a National Heritage Site. The site is also a public museum and is open for visits everyday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission is free.

Source: Brochure (Maragondon Local Tourism Council)


Who Murdered Andres Bonifacio

By Martin Andanar/TV5 CrimeKlasik


Public Transportation:

From (Lawton) Manila: take a bus bound to Cavite with the signage of Ternate-Naic-Maragondon (via Cavite Expressway or Cavitex). It passes by to Petron Gasoline Station Junction (located at Garita-A). Just say to the conductor that you must take a stop at the gasoline station. From there, you have two options, either you can ride a tricycle going to town proper or you can walk straight going to the Bonifacio Trial House. Bonifacio Trial House is just some few minutes walk away from Maragondon Public Market.

Private Transportation:

Please see Traveler's Guide and Google Maps (below) for further information. You can park your cars near/outside the Bonifacio Trial House or a nearby street. 


Rest rooms/Comfort rooms are available inside the Bonifacio Trial House. Carinderia/Restaurants/Eatery are available inside the town proper.  

Published: November 29, 2012

You may view the Bonifacio Trial House in Panoramic 360 degree view

Please visit Philippine Heritage in 360 website

Traveler's Guide :

(Photos courtesy of my Practicum Study in Master of Engineering at Cavite State University - 
Infrastructure Development in Maragondon; Photos as of July 27, 2012)

Petron Gasoline Station

When you go straight to the left direction, it goes to Maragondon Town Proper. 
The bus stops at a corner near Petron Station. The right direction goes to PUP-Maragondon, 
Cavite Municipal Hospital, Town of Ternate, Puerto Azul Beach Resort and Caylabne Beach Resort

Tip: It's easy to walk if you're visiting the Trial House through Public Transportation

You will pass Garita Bridge, a (RCBC) Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert-type bridge

The town proper junction (near Polar Building)

The town proper junction (near Polar Building)
On the right: going to Maragondon Public Market, Municipal Hall
On the left: going to Bonifacio Trial House

Note: for private vehicles, our town implements "One-Way Route" policy
No left turn!!!

You will see the welcome arch of Barangay Poblacion 2-A.
Bonifacio Trial House is located before that welcome arch

The re-enactment of the trial of Gat Andres Bonifacio in my beloved town, Maragondon (2010)

Bonifacio Trial House via Google Maps:

(Note: Correction in the entry in Google Maps, it is not Auguinaldo Heritage House but Bonifacio Trial House)

Supremo Gat Andres Bonifacio

Procopio Bonifacio

Gat Andres Bonifacio Trial House and 
Historical Landmark

Before restoration
Front View

The interiors (2nd floor)

The Inauguration of the Newly-Restored Bonifacio Trial House
(Invitation/Program Schedule)

Last November 30, 1999, former First Lady and Senator Dr. Luisa "Loi" Ejercito-Estrada was the guest of honor for the inauguration of the newly-restored Bonifacio Trial House here in our town.

Before and After Restoration



Inside Bonifacio Trial House

First Floor (Ground Floor)

Note: just register your name on NHI registry log book (for visitors)

Visited last May 29, 2013

The Museum



Note: just register your name on NHI registry log book (for visitors). It is located near the stairs (a small table with a registry book)

The old structure

The Katipunan Flag and Variations of Philippine Flags

Base of Gat Andres Bonifacio Statue

The restored wood structure (wood flooring, beams, columns)

In English it says,

The restoration efforts of the Trial House of
Gat Andres Bonifacio
was presided by the
Malacanang Presidential Library and Museum Foundation
through the use of the social fund of
His Excellency, Joseph Ejercito Estrada
President of the Republic of the Philippines
in cooperation with the
National Historical Institute
Presidential Management Staff
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)

Inaugurated on November 30, 1999
at Maragondon, Cavite

  The stair going to the second floor

Second Floor 

Second Floor Interiors

Life-Sized Dioramas

Life-Sized Dioramas

Life-Sized Dioramas

Life-Sized Dioramas

Life-Sized Dioramas

The position of actual re-enactment (models)

Pictures of Andres Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus and Procopio Bonifacio

The alleged bones of Bonifacio

The bolo used by the Supremo

The second floor interiors

The Katipunan Triangle

Bonifacio with Masonic symbols

The Last Farewell of Rizal translated by Bonifacio in Tagalog

Various Paintings

Various Restored Old Documents of the Katipunan

The Katipunan Regalia

The mini-library where I used to research about Bonifacio 
for my college assignment in History class 
last/since 1999 and still in good condition

The Rear View

Me having a souvenir shot

The Front View

Before: it was open only on Tuesdays to Sundays

At present: it opens daily

NHI Marker (English-short translation)

NHI Marker (Filipino/Tagalog)

In English, it says:

The House Where Andres Bonifacio was Court-Martialed

This House was erected on 1889 by Teodorico Reyes. On this house Andres Bonifacio was tried, the founder of the Katipunan together with his brother, Procopio last May 1897 by the Military Tribunal which was presided by General Mariano Noriel. He was shot last May 10, 1987 at Mount Buntis.

The trial house was declared by the National Historical Institute as a National Historical Marker last June 4, 1997 in accordance with the Executive Order Number 280, signed last August 1, 1973 as repealed by Executive Order Number 375 signed last January 14, 1974 and Executive Order Number 1605 signed last June 1, 1978.

Front View

Front View

The present Bonifacio Trial House

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