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By Dr. Evangelino Z. Nigoza
President, Cavite West Point College

The history of the parish of Ternate is traced way back in 1863 at which time this town was under the jurisdiction of Maragondon. In spite of the situation, the parish had its own priest but on September 19, 1863, the Archbishop of Manila, Don Gregorio Meliton y Martinez y Santa Cruz had requested Fr. Tomas Meriel to be tile interim of the priest. Being a parish, the people referred the spiritual need to the said priest and it was baptized. She was Victoriana Laygo, however, the first record of baptism was recorded on November 18, 1863. In the same year, dated November 26, the first matrimony was taken place. The first couple who appeared in the first record of marriage were Celestino Pablo and Rosa Hernandez.

Several sacred tasks were undertaken by the first priest until finally he was followed another energetic priest named PI Esteban del Rosario, a Ternateno by blood. The exact date of appointment was on January 1, 1865. In August 1897, after the outbreak of hostilities against Spain, the priest left the parish without any written cause. The one who took charge was Fr. Miguel Galan, full-pledge priest of Maragondon. Nevertheless, his assignment lasted only up to September 26, 1897. By virtue of the decree of Governor Rafael Echague, Fr. Felipe Romero succeeded him the record (did not show whether he took 118 office for the meantime or being a regular in the parish). On August 17, 1898, Fr. Esteban del Rosario was assign again in the parish. It was during his term, the Philippine Independent Church was inaugurated throughout the country by Fr. Gregorio Aglipay. With the existence of this religious sect, a church of this kind was also built in the town and is so very active up to the present time.

After rendering valuable services to the people for more than five years, Fr. Del Rosario was succeeded by Fr. Federico Evangelista who took the office in May 1904. He did the same duties and functions like the preceding priests had done in the parish. From 1925 up to the late 40’s, there was no assigned priest in the parish for unknown reasons. It was placed only under the care of Fr. Solomon, who was then the parish priest of Maragondon. Due to this situation, some of the records were not compiled; other records were destroyed and get burned during the first World War. The sad condition of the parish lasted for less than 25 years. Through these years, many of the Catholics converted to the Philippine Independent Church. Another religious sect, the Iglesia ni Kristo was also establish in Ternate.

 May be due to these insignificant situations, the parish was given a priest again to look after the welfare of the church. It was Fr. Vicente Pineda who took the position as a parish priest for Ternate. Through his guidance and initiative, some of the converted devotees turned Catholics again.

Considering his first monumental undertaking, an open chapel was installed in front of the dilapidated church. Moreover, in his four years of service, he was able to initiate not as well. Thru his leadership, the Catholics had displayed the cooperation and involvement in the renovation of the church. From then on the parish was on its glorious height until the terms of the succeeding priest is: Fr. Alejandro Alto, for more than four years; Fr. Serafin de los Reyes for less than two months; Fr. Jose Sugay for one year; Fr. Hermogenes Galang for two years; Fr. Luciano Paguiligan, for two years; Fr. Nestor Abad, for six years; Fr. Avelino Sapida, for more than nine months; Fr. Inocencio Poblete, as interim for a month; Fr. Jojo Abueg, for more than one year; Fr. Redentor Corpuz, for over three years; Fr. Ted Villanueva, has the greatest achievement so far in the parish. His initiative and support in the construction of a new church in the parish is unprecedented.

Fr. Herminigildo Asilo served two years; Fr. Claro Sumague for one year; Fr. Jojo Leonardo three years and the parish priest who managed to make a stage play about Ternate history, Fr. Armando Manaog served three years; Fr. Alejandro Aguilucho for more than a year; Fr. Gilbert Reyes, the parish priest for six years; Fr. Benito de Castro, another priest who served for another six years and at the present time who is serving parish priest of Ternate is Fr. Nestor Chavez, Ph.D (2015-up to present).

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Page 47-48
Bahra II (Ternate Book 2)
Lenguaje, Arte y Literatura (Language, Arts and Literature)
By Dr. Evangelino Z. Nigoza
President, Cavite West Point College
Member, Cavite Historical Society
Member, Ternate Historical Society
Book Launched on November 20, 2016





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